The reason for my silence - My Garden

I have been very busy lately.  While I have been knitting, and sewing, the vast majority of my time has been taken by my garden. It started in early February with my kids helping me start seeds in in egg cartons.  I found that the clear plastic kind did a much better job sprouting seeds than the Styrofoam kind.  The clear plastic kind acted like a mini green house with the top down, keeping the seeds warm and moist.

The kids now have a sense of ownership for the "baby" plants they helped raise from seeds, and a vigilant weed pullers (they don't want the mean weeds to hurt their baby plants), and never fail to water a dry plant.  I hope this translates to eating the fruits of their labors later as well.

We planted primarily those vegetables which we eat most often, like tomatoes, and the herbs I favor cooking with, but can be expensive to buy fresh.  In this way I hope to lower our total food bill, and in subsequent years I plan to plant enough of each veggie, and enough variety to last us through a season or two (with preservation).

I will soon have to update these pictures however, because these were taken when I had originally planned to tell you all about my garden, a few weeks ago.