AC Cave

Even though our temperatures have been approaching the 90's (the 30's Celsius) for weeks now, it has actually been really comfortable outside.  The mornings have been cool, and the air has been dry.  There has also been a cool and frequent wind tempting me outside at every chance.

This is all very unusual for Florida, and we have been taking advantage of it by keeping the AC off, and windows open.  This unusual practice even gave me a treat when woken in the middle of the night by my son - I found the entire house smelling of flowers.

Yesterday evening saw this practice come to an end however.  With temperatures bordering 90 degrees F., humidity near 50%, and cool breezes nonexistent, the AC was turned on.  Alas, I knew it had to come to an end, but fresh memories of this brief time have me dreaming of cool mountain air, and wool sweaters.