Redefining Need

If you had told me in December that I would be spending the rest of the winter without central heat, I would have told you that you were crazy.  The weather had been extremely cold for Florida (near 32 degrees F, 0 degrees C), and it was expected to stay just as cold for the forseeable future.  We needed central heat, or we would freeze! At least that is what I thought until our heat went out in early January, and we didn't realize it.  We spent almost a week without heat before we noticed that the heater wasn't working at all.  Since then we have been wearing sweaters and thick socks inside, we've padded the beds with extra blankets, and put a space heater in the bathroom.  We have also noticed that living without central heat, even when it is freezing outside, really isn't that bad.  We didn't NEED heat after all.

Have you found that you didn't need something you thought you did?  Have you redefined your needs?  Please share!