Reduce - Stop Shopping

One great way to spend less money is to stop spending it.  I am not going to go quite so drastic as to say you should stop paying for everything and buy nothing (y0u probably have bills to pay and a desire to eat), but I think we should all stop looking for stuff to buy.  Unfortunately this is not as easy as it sounds. We are bombarded by advertising every way we turn.  Ads are on TV, radio, the internet, billboards, inside stores, and even in schools.  These ads are designed to tell us why we can't live without something we previously didn't know existed, and they work.

Here is what I suggest;

  1. As hard as it may seem (and it is hard) avoid ads.
  2. Do not browse in stores or online.
  3. Visit stores as little as possible - the fewer opportunities you have to buy the less you will buy.
  4. Keep a detailed list of what you need throughout the week.  Go to the store armed with your list.  Buy what is on your list, then get out of the store.

What can you do during those long hours when you are not shopping?I will have a long list of ideas for you next time.