We have Floors in the Office!

Office to Do List:

  • Remove old gross Carpet and Carpet Pad - Check
  • Pull out the 12 Million Staples that were used to install the old carpet - Check
  • Tear down old cat hairy window treatment and Discover Missing Piece of Crown Molding - Check and Check
  • Remove base boards - Check
  • Remove piece of crown molding next to missing molding - Check
  • Scrap/Strip/Sand Peeling Paint from Molding - Check
  • Patch holes and Prime patches - Check
  • Prep Ceiling and Walls for paint - Check
  • Paint Ceiling and Walls - Done
  • Install Flooring - Done
  • Sand and repaint Base Boards
  • Reinstall Baseboards
  • Install quarter round molding
  • Reinstall Crown Molding with the addition of Missing Piece
  • Finish Painting All Molding
  • Make Pretty!


The last I left you in our home remodel saga, we had just finished preparing to paint the office, and now not only has the office been painted, we have floors.  Glorious floors that are neither covered in cat hair, or possessing an odd smell!  Is it weird that this makes me feel like a kid at Christmas time?

The flooring is glue together tongue and groove that does not click together.  We installed it completely on our own, and it was our first time installing this type of floor.  We had read or watched every single tutorial on the subject we could find before we started and read the full manufactures directions, even so, when we first started installing it, we started questioning the sanity of doing it ourselves.  By the time we finished (DAYS later) it had become easier, we we had become faster, and now the idea of doing the next room doesn't seem so bad.  I think I may go into the detail of installing it a bit when we do the next room and share some of the mistakes we made and the solutions we found.

Now that the floors are in, I feel like we have rounded a serious corner in our office remodel and we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The walls and ceiling have been painted, and the floors are installed.  It is looking like a room again.

Ok, I will admit that there is still plenty of work to do, but it feels like I am almost there.  I feel motivated to hurry up and finish up the rest of the tasks on my list, so I can start to move furniture in!