WIP - Liesl Cardigan

I became smitten with Malabrigo Rios in Pearl Ten when my LYS (Really Knit Stuff) had a sale recently, but there was a problem.  They only had 4 skeins (about 800 yards)!  Being a selfish knitter, with more than enough hats and scarfs, and not nearly enough adorable cardigans, I had a problem.  I wanted a cardigan, but I couldn't possibly knit one with only 4 skeins.  Enter Liesl.

Liesl is a Ysolda Teague Cardigan with impossibly little yardage.  Liesl’s yardage is advertised at between 175 and 733 yards.  Frankly I thought it was a typo until I saw several people on Ravelry claiming they had knit the cardigan with less than 300 yards.  I thought surly, if they can knit Liesl with less than 300 yards, I should be able to knit it with 800!  Right?  I didn’t believe it, but I cast on anyway.

I have knit a bit over 100 yards at this point and have already reached the underarm (the pictures were taken a few days ago).  I am starting to believe that I might actually have left over yarn when I am done!