Fabric Covered Button Tacks

I thought I would give you another little peek at my up and coming studio.  This is a peek at one tiny detail - the tacks I have made for my pin board.

If you would like to make some tacks like these for yourself, it is really very simple.  Start with a fabric covered button kit, a few fabric scraps, and some tacks.  Make sure the buttons you buy are large enough to fit over your tacks.  If you can find them, buy the buttons that do not have a shank attached to the back.  The shanks can be taken off with a heavy duty wire cutter if you are unable to find the buttons with the plain backs.


First, remove the shanks if necessary.  Then follow the instructions on your particular button kit.  Once your buttons have been made, use hot glue to attach the tacks to the buttons.

This is a great project to use up scraps of precious fabric that are too small for any other use, as well as fabric covered buttons left over from other projects.  These buttons are also great magnet covers; but if you use the really strong magnets keep them far away from each other until the hot glue has thoroughly cooled – I know from personal experience that the magnets are stronger then the glue.