The Kid's Craft Area

My kid’s have a little craft area adjacent to my own.  Its complete disarray was driving me to distraction.  It was also driving the children into my own craft area.  Something had to be done!

I decided to install 2 small Bygel rails and 8 Bygel containers that I picked up the last time I was at Ikea (total cost around $12 USD).  The containers hold things like colored pencils, markers, and scissors.  I also repurposed some small tin cans to hold crayons.  Under their table 2 cloth boxes I made a while ago hold paper, felt, coloring books, stickers, and other craft embellishments.  The kids started using their newly organized table almost immediately, so quickly in fact that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the table while it was mess free.

Now it is time to brag!  The morning after the kid’s craft table was cleaned up my daughter presented me with a project she made entirely on her own.  She turned her little shopping cart into a horse for her dolls to ride in.  I think she did a really wonderful job, and I just had to share.