Fun, and a little Sun

With heat exhaustion, and being carried away by rouge bands of mosquitoes becomming real possibilities, I had had to get creative at play time.

The first solution; and large high powered fan pointed directly at the play area.  Benefits; a constant stiff breeze makes the temperature feel like it has dropped about 10 degrees, and the mosquitoes seem to be blasted away by the breeze (on the other hand the dragonflies like it, and look like they are playing a game of chicken with the fan to see who can get the closest).  Drawbacks; high powered fans can mangle little fingers, so I can't relax for a second out there, and our daily thunderstorms mean dragging the thing inside and outside every time we use it.

The second solution; and indoor chalk playground.  Benefits; central air, and no mosquitoes, need I say more?  Drawbacks; chalk has to be scrubbed off the floor, and my kids draw all over the floor.

Do you have a creative way to keep cool and have fun?  Tell me about it.  Leave a comment .