Delicious Mud Pie

Yesterday was Labor Day in the US, making this past weekend a long weekend for me and my family.  Rather than trying to take a long trip out-of-town, we decided to relax and do some work around the house.  It turned out to be a wonderfully refreshing weekend.  My kids had an especially good time on Sunday playing with what they informed me is their favorite toy, "dirt."  Here are some pics of their good "clean" fun.

On Monday we cleared about 1/6 of an acre that we hope will be our new garden next summer.  The trees we felled will become the borders of our garden beds, the larger limbs will become trellises, and the smaller twigs, leaves, etc will be composted.  The kids helped the entire time, mostly collecting the smaller items to be composted.  I think you will likely see more about it in the future.