September is National Sewing Month

It's time to break out the sewing machine and sew!

This year the theme of National Sewing Month is reuse, remake, restyle.  This theme is right up my alley!  I am looking forward to a month full of sewing.  I was already planning to sew Halloween Costumes and Christmas Presents, but now I have an excuse.

I thought I would kick off this month with a review of the Flower Girl Dress Pattern, from my latest favorite sewing book, "Weekend Sewing," by Heather Ross.

So far I have made a few item from this book, and every item involving a size has been a nightmare!  This dress was NOT an exception.  The pattern as sized in the book would never have fit my daughter.  I could not make the seam allowances small enough.  I had to size the pattern up, but once the top was large enough to fit over her head it seemed to large.  If I make this pattern again (which I might because my daughter loves the dress), I will either make the top smaller and install fasteners, or make the top smaller and out of a stretchy knit fabric.  On the other hand I made the dress for free by restyling fabric and using scraps.  The bottom of the dress was restyled from an old satin curtain, and the top was made from the scraps from a linen dress I made.

Note:  I am planning to continue posting on the knitting ABC's as well, but I have been having trouble finding information on Anna Zilboorg, the next A on my list.  If you have a source I would love to hear about it.