Monogrammed Napkin Tutorial

These pretty monogrammed napkins were a last minute Christmas gift for Mr. Incredible's grandparents.  I needed a quick present, but I wanted it to be nice too.  These napkins took less than 1 hour to make, with the exclusion of washing and drying the napkins.

How To
Napkins, I used Iris Napkins from Ikea ($1.99 per 4)
A picture you want to put on the napkins
Iron-on transfer paper
A computer and printer
1.  Wash and dry your napkins as per their washing instructions to remove any chemicals present on the napkins.
2.  Create or find your picture.  I used photoshop to modify a font that suited my purposes.
3.  Using regular paper test print your picture, using all of the settings you plan to use in the final printing.  Make sure this test printing is the correct size and color, and is printed in a mirror image if your picture needs to be read.
4.  If necessary modify your picture and test print again, until the picture is perfect.
5.  Print your final image on iron-on transfer paper.
6.  Cut out your picture.  I use an exacto knife, and cut out all of the unprinted areas, leaving a small border on all sides.
6.  Then transfer your image based on the packages instructions.  Make sure your iron setting is not too high for your fabric.