Potato Stamps

My daughter and I made these shirts for her a while ago. She really enjoys wearing them.Here is the super simple process we used to make them;

  1. Cut a potato in half (I used small new potatoes yielding 2 stamps).
  2. Using a sharp knife cut a simple design in the flat side of the potato. Remove the excess potato around the design.
  3. Blot the potato on a dry rag.
  4. Apply paint or ink to the potato that is appropriate for the surface you will be stamping on (we used fabric paint). Remove any excess by blotting.
  5. Apply to your surface in whatever pattern you desire (my patterns were regular, but my daughter loves her very irregular stamp pattern).
  6. Repeat. Use your potato stamp as much as possible in the next day or two, storing in the fridge between uses. The potato will go bad and need to be tossed in a few days.
  7. Allow your surface to dry as your medium indicated before using.

Told you it was simple, and they look really cute!