Craft Table $2

Both of my kids are now coloring, and doing "crafts" (gluing or cutting paper). Their crafts supples were everywhere, until I decided to give them a place of their own to create their masterpieces. The end result was their craft table.

A while ago my SiL was painting and decorating children's tables and chairs, and selling them a local stores. One of her tables was imperfect and wasn't put up for sale. Instead it put up residence in my in-law's barn, and later their dining room. When my kids needed a table, I asked my MiL if she would be willing to part with the tiny table holding clutter (as all extra furniture does) in her dining room. She was happy to put the table to better use. Unfortunately the table's time in the barn allowed it to mold. The table had to be sanded down (removing my SiL's decorations), and repainted. I painted the bottom of the table to match our other white painted furniture, and the table top in black chalkboard paint (allows chalk doodles and hides crayon marks).

What about the chairs you ask? My MiL found the chairs that my DH and SiL used when they were children. Fortunately they were in great shape. She also sewed cute little seat cushions for the chairs, and had enough fabric left over for me to make matching bags to hang on the chairs.

DH also drilled holes in corresponding table legs large enough to insert a sturdy dowl that holds a paper roll.

Original Design:
The Cost Breakdown:
Table $0
Chairs $0
Paint $0 (Already in Stash)
Dowl $2

Total Cost $2