Back Home

Well DH and I are back home after a long weekend away in Missouri. Why Missouri you ask? Well my very good friend, and children's godfather Aaron graduated from medical school. Now he is officially a doctor. Wow. We have been doing our best to help him through this experience for the past several years, and the knowledge that it is over seems so huge to me. I can only imagine what a relief it must be to him.

We were also able to explore Kansas City, MO with our friend K. She just moved into the downtown area and we were able to explore her new neighborhood together.
The city is currently undergoing a transformation. Abandoned factories and warehouses are being turned into living spaces and store fronts. Small businesses appear to be thriving , and low income areas are receiving much needed improvements. I really enjoyed the downtown area, except that we were exploring on a Monday, and nearly all of the businesses were closed on Monday.

We were able to find one open local yarn store, "The Studio." I would recommend the studio to visitors in the area. The store was well staffed, the staff seemed knowledgeable, they had a good selection of inexpensive yarns, and a wide selection of straight and DPNs, as well as other accessories. Their high end yarn was on the lean side, but the lack didn't take much away from the store.

Now that I am back home, I thought I would share pictures of the birthday loot, as well as the spoils from our Ikea trip.
The birthday first;
My brand New Niddy Noddy

My giant new swift
Next, Ikea.....

DD's New Bed, complete with DD

Bookcase with glass doors, and our new bed.

I love Ikea!