High in Fiber, Zero Fat

First of all, two days in a row. Whoo, hoo! I may be able to make a habit out of this yet.

In the past couple of days I started knitting my kids some play food, and I had to share the outcome. They are incredibly cute! The kids already have cheap plastic versions, but with all the talk recently about the toxicity of plastic, my DS's ability to fit the vast majority of it in his mouth, and the dog's unfortunate affinity for the plastic variety, I had to do something.

As a result, I present to you;
Realistic Carrot
For this carrot I used the Baby Fruit and Veggie Rattle Pattern by Allison Judge.
I modified the cute baby carrot pattern she created, to make one that looked more like it had just come out of our garden. I basically made it "ugly" by adding purl bumps, paired increases and decreases, small cables, and circular ridges embedded in the knit fabric.

I also made an apple;
(try to ignore the dog hair)
For this piece I used the Ms. Saucy Apple pattern by Peachcake Knits.
However, the original pattern had to be altered because it was incorrect. The modifications I made were as follows;
After k4, kfb around there are 36 stitches as stated, next the pattern indicates that you should kfb 3 times spread out across the row. This adds 3 stitches, for a total of 39 stitches, not 40.
There is 8 rows knit even (I knit 9), then the decreases begin.
The pattern indicates that you should k9, k2tog around. This implies that there is some multiple of 11 in a single row (k9, k2tog involves 11 stitches, and the pattern does not say what to do with the left over stitches). Instead, k11, k2tog around, knit 2 rows, skip the instructions to k8, k2tog around, and it's corresponding knit row, and restart the pattern at k4, k2tog around.

Hope this helps anyone struggling with this pattern.

As you can see my kids really like the new toys.
Finally, for you viewing pleasure.....proof that pit pulls are safe with children (at least my pit bulls with my children).