Episode 10: Easter Eggs

HYH Episode 10

What do the ice bucket challenge, cavorting with the devil, murder, and a burning effigy of Judas have in common?  Easter!  In this fortnight's episode I am counting down 10 of the world's most unusual Easter traditions.  Some are weird, some are wonderful, and some will leave you asking your self what could they possibly be thinking.

Show Notes:

Here are photos or videos of the traditions mentioned in the show.  

France:  Easter Bells

Sweden:  Easter Witch

Norway:  Murder Mystery

USA:  Egg Knocking

Czech Republic and Slovakia:  Whipping

Poland: Dyngas Day (Wet Monday)

Italy:  The Explosion of the Cart


Pot Throwing:

Giant Bonfire:

Rocket War:

Spain:  Easter Procession

(no, they are not associated with the Klan)

Philippians:  Crucification