Does your debt make you undateable?

Debt Undateable.jpg

As I was researching the pros and cons of debt repayment strategies I came across an interesting article about how debt can actually be negatively impacting your love life. Here is the article from Finder The gist of the article is that people are less likely to date those with high debt. What is considered high depends on the type of debt; however, the amount of debt that will start to negatively impact your dating life is may be a lot lower than you would expect.

72% of people that were surveyed for the article said that they would, “reconsider a romantic relationship because of debt. That means that if you have a lot of debt then nearly 3 out of 4 potential romantic partners may not want to date you because of it.

Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt was considered the least desirable type of debt among the survey respondents. Only $12,615.96 of credit card debt made a persson undateable. That is about twice the average household credit card debt in the US right now.

Student Loans

Surprisingly student loans were the second most undesirable type of debt, with debt over $48,761.15 considered unattractive. Current graduates carry about $37,000 in student loans on average when they graduate, which isn’t that far below the undateable debt load.

To find out if your debt makes you undateable check out the finder article for the full results.