Coat Closet Inspiration

Firebeard decided to touch up the paint on the bathtub surround tiles after all, so we are staying out of the bathroom, and away from the paint fumes for a few days.  I thought in the meantime I would show you the inspiration our next project - The Coat Closet Makeover.  

At the end of this winter our tiny foyer adjacent coat closet looked like you would need a crow bar to cram one more coat into it.  It had become completely unusable, and coats had started to pile up on the floor not feet from the closet.  I began scouring Pinterest for a beautiful solution to my coat closet problem, as you do, and I found this;

Gorgeous Coat Closet Makeover from Classy Clutter.

Gorgeous Coat Closet Makeover from Classy Clutter.

This is a coat closet makeover from Classy Clutter, and I love EVERYTHING about it, from the little gold hooks to the minty paint color!  

The thing that first caught my eye was the lack of hangers.  Who really wants to take the time when they walk into their house and put down their stuff to take out a hanger to hang their coat?  Not me. Hooks are easy.  There is very little effort involved in hanging something on a hook,  and something that involves very little effort is exactly what I need at the end of a long day!  It is also pretty easy to assign each family member a hook, and by extension, see who has too many coats in the closet at a glance.

The classy clutter closet also had two rows of hooks.  The lower row of hooks is ideal for hanging purses and bags, something that my closet, with it's single clothes rod, was completely lacking and in desperate need of.  

Since initially finding the Classy Clutter closet maker on Pinterest I have found several other inspirational closet makeovers.

Row 1:

  1. Herringbone Mud Bench from The Rooster and the Hen.  I love the texture of the Herringbone wood, and the addition of seating is a nice touch.
  2. Polka Dot Closet from Lil' Luna.  The shelving and two rows of hooks give this small closet a lot of room for storage, and the polka dots are really fun.
  3. Faux Wainscoting from The Real Housewives of Riverton.   Paint was used to great effect on this one.  I think that the white used below the 2nd row of hooks gives the impression of wainscoting.  Just a little bit of additional molding would complete the look.

Row 2:

  1. Yellow Striped Closet from Away We Go.  I'm a big fan of the built-in shoe storage shelves in this one.
  2. Closet turned Mudroom original source unknown.  I found the pic of this closet turned mud room on the This Suburban Life blog.  If anyone knows the original source please let me know so it can be credited properly.  I LOVE the shoe storage on this one - it even has room for boots!
  3. Beautiful Storage Shelf from The House of Smiths.  This is by far the most innovative closet shelf I have seen for this type of application.  I love the cubbies for baskets filled with small items plus the upper shelf larger stuff.

We will not be doing much on our closet makeover until the Mini Bathroom Remodel is complete.  For now I will just be planning our idealized inspirational Frankenstein closet.  

If you have any ideas that you think might strike my fancy, please pass them along in the comments.