FO - Mandrake


Pattern: Mandrake Plant by Phoenix Knits

Yarn:  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, and Hemp for Knitting AllHemp3

Needles:  HiYa HiYa Bamboo US 2.5

My kids are finally interested in Harry Potter.  Finally!  You have no idea how excited I am about this.  I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and I have been trying to get them interested in Harry since they emerged from the womb, but the books were boring (not enough pictures) and the movies were scary.  Eventually I found the Harry Potter "gateway drug," Legos.  


Harry Potter Legos, lead to the Lego Harry Potter video games (that do a surprisingly good job story telling without words), which lead to the Harry Potter books books (finally!).


For the pot, I made doughnuts of foam covered in strips of brown cloth, and glued them inside pot to act as the "dirt".  In the video game mandrakes scream and break glass until you put them in their pots.  The kids have been enjoying pretending that he is screaming and then shoving him back in the pot.