20130115-125840.jpg (A lady bug out during lunch today.)

Yesterday was Fire Beard's first day back at school. I was home sick. I know I probably had one of the many stomach bugs that seem to be going around, but the thought of him away from home for yet another semester, also makes me feel ill.

Today I am back to my normal, husband-less routine, and I thought I would share it with you. Unlike most craft bloggers I currently work full time away from the house, like many of you probably do. While my routine probably isn't very different from anyone else's , I think my routine might give those of you who are trying to squeeze in crafting time some insight into how I do it.

A typical work day;

5:30 am - My alarm goes off, trying to get me to work out. I used to work out every other morning, and will probably start back soon. 6:00 am - I finally drag myself out of bed. My clothes are already laid out, ironed and ready to go from the night before. By the time I finish getting dressed, hair and make up, my coffee (also set up the night before) is finished brewing. This is also about the time my kids get up and start their chores, feeding the pets. Breakfast generally consists of a baked egg,oatmeal, or bagel. A load of laundry and/or dishes is changed out, then the kids are snuggled a bit before their grandma comes to get them from next door. 7:15 I grab my lunch (also made the night before), coffee, and bag, then I'm out the door. 8:00 Work 12:00 My lunch time varies, but it's generally around noon. I usually head off to my favorite shady picnic table and eat, read, knit, or blog. I find this time of day very therapeutic. 1:00 Back to work 5:00 My nearly 1 hour commute begins. I know it could be worse, but I live in a fairly small town. 6:00 Home, dinner, homework, time with the kids. 7:00 The bedtime routine begins. The kids clean up after themselves, take showers, get dressed, and brush teeth. While the oldest is in the shower I get ready for the next day, making my lunch, ironing clothes, and making my coffee. Then bedtime stories, and prayers. 8:30 The kids are asleep. I finish cleaning what needs to be cleaned (generally not too much since I try to clean as I go), then it's my time. I generally pick my craft, or lack of craft by the mood I'm in. Whatever sewing project is in progress if I'm feeling industrious, knitting or spinning if I need to relax, or nothing if I'm really exhausted. I try to have a project ready to pick up and go. 10:30 Bedtime.