Red Hills Horse Trials, and Burst Mode

A few weekends ago the girl and I attended Red Hills Horse Trials, and international horse riding event.  We were able to sit close to the water obstacle on the cross country course, and I took full advantage of the burst mode on my camera.

Burst mode allows me to take several photos in quick succession by simply holding down the shutter button.  It is wonderful for taking action shots when you don't have a good idea when the cool stuff is going to take place.  For instance; it allowed me to take the following picture in which both of the horse's feet are off the ground.  Sure I could have taken it without burst mode - but I would have needed to be very lucky.

There is a good chance that your own digital camera has a burst mode, check your settings and try it out.

In other news, the girl loves horses and had a great time.  She got to ride 2 horses;

and she got an amazing horse face painting.


I don't know how common horse trials are, especially one's of this caliber, but I would defiantly recommend attending one if you are able as it was great fun!