The Big Move

Fire Beard is going to law school.  We are all very excited.  He has been working toward this for several years.  But there is a catch…  The school he will be attending is not in our home town.  He will have to move to attend, but the kids and I will be staying here.  

As you can imagine, things have been rather chaotic around here of late.  I have been preoccupied by “The Big Move,” and my crafting has suffered as a result.  The move should be over as of this post however, and then we can begin settling back into something of a routine that includes crafting!  In fact, I have big plans concerning the kid’s play area, and my own crafting space (which will be enlarged with my husband away).  I may even have a few surprises coming up.


In the meantime, I will still be looking for a job (thank you economy), figuring out new ways to save money, reusing what I already have, living naturally, and hopefully telling you all about it.