Success in the Garden

My daughter and I were shocked yesterday when we found these giant cucumbers hiding in the back of our cucumber patch.  They had survived the early plucking most of our other cucumbers have suffered, because they were nestled behind and under the bushy leaves of the plants.  The size of these makes me wonder how much bigger they would have gotten had I not discovered them.

These beauties are Burpee's burp-less variety, grown organically.  The sandy soil they were planted in was heavily amended with compost, and planted throughout with marigolds.  So far these plants have flourished with little care.

Our dinner was graced with these beautiful Roma tomatoes, also picked from our garden.  This is the first year I have successfully grown tomatoes in my garden, and I couldn't be more pleased.  So far the only pest I have encountered is stink bugs, which are more annoying than harmful.  Blossom end rot is a bit of an issue when we get excess rain, but it goes away pretty quickly (I think the raised bed they are planted in helps).

I found this bizarre little creature crawling on my foot while relaxing in the yard the other day.  I have no idea what it is, but I find it's hot pink legs and wings intriguing.  Do you have any idea what this thing might be, besides an abomination?