Back Home

My family and I have been home for a few days now, but only today  have I begun to feel like my brain is working again.  We visited the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  The temperatures were in the 70's, the wind was gentle but constant, and despite the near constant rain the humidity still felt low.

We came home to, "air you can wear."  The humidity was so high that you could actually see faint traces of water in the air.  It is hard to explain this phenomenon, but I will try.  It is a bit like a fog that is unable to burn off, even in the full heat and sun of midday, and a haze hangs over everything in view.  It feels like a steam room, or a bathroom after a long hot shower.  Like a thick wet blanket wrapped tightly around your body on a blistering hot day.  Muggy does not begin to adequately describe what the air feels like.

Today, even though the temperature was 95 degrees farenheit near my house, the weather was pleasant.  The humidity had dropped to around 50%, and there was a breeze that, while still warm, was cooler than the surrounding air.  Sitting under the shade of a large oak tree this afternoon, I felt as if I could think for the first time since leaving the mountains.

As you can probably tell, visiting North Carolina is like taking a breath of fresh air for my family (almost literally).  I had planned to tell you in detail everything about our trip, but as they say, a picture says a thousand words.  I think these pictures tell more eloquently of our trip than I could.

Beautiful isn't it...

By the way, I have a freebie planned that was inspired by this trip. I hope to get it up tomorrow or the next day (fingers crossed), so keep an eye out for it.