Where I live trees fall down when it rains a lot.  I have no idea why this happens, but for the past several years my family has found its occurence very fortuitous.  When a neighbor's tree falls RedBeard (DH) and my FiL offer to cut the tree down and haul the wood away.  The neighbor gets rid of the downed tree, and we get firewood for the next winter. We usually have to wait for hurricane season to get enough rain for a tree to fall, but after several days of rain last week a tree fell in the development being built (by our next door neighbor) in front of our house.

The tree(s) that fell were huge, growing from one giant trunk to a two trunk monstrosity.  For some perspective, here is a pic of red beard atop the tree.  He is 6'3".

The weekend was spent cutting and hauling away the tree.  It was a family affair.  The menfolk did the cutting, while I knit, and the kids played a safe distance away.  When the guys paused to sharpen their saws the kids and I jumped into action loading the trailer.

The second day we were out was much colder,with rain coming in on the wind.  The kids wanted to "help" despite the conditions, and the fact that the only logs left to load were 100+ pounds.

By the way, this is about as close as we get to snow here in Florida, and yes, my kids did try to build a snowman.....or would that be saw dust man.