Doctor, you've got some MRSA on your tie.

One of my best friends is a new doctor, who still wants to change the system and make hospitals a healthy place for patients.  During his annual Christmas visit last year he was incensed that doctors in many hospitals were required to wear ties.  After all, a doctor's tie is an exceptionally good at spreading disease.  Ties are at just the right height to get coughed on, they fall on patients during exams, they are not changed between patients, and compared to other clothes they get cleaned infrequently.  A doctors tie is probably covered with disease! Over the past year, with the mental image of a tie crawling with disease, I decided that this Christmas the good doctor would receive a tie with a visible representation of what was already on it.  The disease tie was born....

On a black silk tie I embroidered 4 visually distinct, and rather scary diseases.  Here are some closeups;

Next time you visit the visit the hospital, avoid the ties.