Candy and Candles

My family, including myself, has been out of order as of late.  The kids got either a very bad cold, or a mild version of the flu.  They have only recently begun feeling better, and letting me walk around without holding one of them.  One good thing did come out of it however, I am now almost completely immune to my little boy saying, "I can't do it.  I siiiiiiiick."  The recent fake coughing at the end of that exclamation was like a vaccination encouraging quick immunity.  Who would have thought a two year old could be so manipulative.

My daughter had her 4th birthday just before the illness kicked in.  To my immense pleasure, she picked a Halloween themed party, which we decided to hold on Halloween night.  Since I LOVE Halloween, it was no trouble to go all out for this party, and I did.  Here are some pics from the festivities. The birthday girl and her grandmother as fairies.

Graveyard cake, as requested.

Lady Fingers.

Marshmallow Bones.