Assessing Progress on Earth Day

I hope you all had a wonderful Earth Day.  Mine was a bit discourageing. I would like to show you the "progress" being made in my neighborhood.  









This is what my neighborhood looks like.  Adjectives such as rural, and pastoral come to mind.  The houses are far apart on large lots.  Most of the neighbors have had horses in their yards at some point.

My neighborhood will not look like this much longer.  There is a development going in in the pastures that border the main road into my neighborhood.  Already there is a giant clay hole in my neighbor's front yard, and the sounds of heavy machinery disturbs out quite.





This is what progress looks like.

In other news, we got a copy of the home inspection done on the house we have been considering buying.  The inspection showed problems we did not anticipate, and would require expensive renovation.  On top of that, we found that the owners of the house have turned down several offers they considered too low.  This information leads us to believe that the house is not the one for us.

We will be looking at more house tommorrow, but this situation renewed our interest in prefabracated houses, like this one.  It amazes, and saddens me that buying a brand new house, and shipping it across country could be more economically viable than fixing an old one.  At least we could get a greener house this way.

P.S.  My computer is dying and uploading photos has become probablamatic.  I hope this problem will be remidied soon and I will be able to post more often.