I don't want to be rich....

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... or famous. I don't want to have a big house or a fancy car, or enough debt to drown in.

I want to feel secure in the knowledge that I can pay my modest bills, put food on the table, and set a little bit of money aside for saving. I want to be known in my little circle of friends as a fine person, and leave a legacy of doing good. I want a reliable, inexpensive car that is not so ugly that my kid's are embarrassed by it, and I want to leave my kids something that does not include debt.

Most of all, at the moment, I want a little house, that we can easily pay for, and call our own.

My husband and I are going to look at a house today, with an eye for possibly buying it. It is old, small, neglected, and cheap. I am hoping that we find it suitable to our needs, and structurally sound. I am hoping that I like it, and would like to live in it, and that soon we will again have a place of our own.

We shall see.