Embroider my Liver

I have been dying to post about this embroidery project for the longest time.  This project was a Christmas present, that was finished before Christmas, but was not given until this past weekend.  One of my good friends who is currently living in Maine came this past weekend to attend my Son's birthday party (details to follow), and he finally received all of his gifts.

He was the previous recipent of the embroidered heart, and upon his enthusiastic receipt of the heart I enquired what his favorite organ was.  He responded the liver.  The above pictured liver and surrounding organs was the result.  

Here are some detailed shots;


Pancreas and Duodenum

The Pancreas is the light peach organ pictured above.  I used french knots to create the oddly bumpy texture seen in a real pancreas.



The spleen was made with bullion knots, to imitate the the lumpy texture of a real spleen.


You may see more anatomy embroidery in he future, as it was  indicated that a series would be appreciated.