Sticking it to the Man - Making Necessities

In this economy many of us are looking for ways to reduce our expenses, but there comes a point when we can no longer cut out the extras.  Once we have cut out extraneous spending, we can shop sales, and buy cheaper products, but it is very difficult to further reduce spending in a meaningful way.  Necessities keep our bills at a constant level of expense.  We can't simply stop using them, as by definition they are necessary, however, we may be able to stop buying them. Below are links to products that those in the Western world often feel are necessary parts of their daily lives.  The links describe how to make these products for pennies per application AND without all of the harsh chemicals present in their commercial counterparts.  Just imagine, living a lifestyle of increased environmental responsibility while spending less.

Homemade Deodorant

Living Shampoo Free  Cleaning your hair without stripping it of it's natural oils, to create healthier hair and scalp

Toothpaste Recipe 

Synthetic Free Moisturizer A multi use moisturizer with only one ingredient

Homemade Laundry Soap/Detergent

Other Household Cleansers All purpose cleansers, window cleaner, mild abrasives, etc.

Soap Nuts Nuts that contain a natural soap like ingredient that can be used for multiple cleaning tasks

Homemade Dish Washing Detergent

My Own Formula for All Purpose Cleaner;

Add 1 tsp natural soap to 1 cup warm water.  Mix and spray on surfaces to be cleaned.  Wipe thoroughly.  As always test this cleaner on an inconspicuous spot before using it.