New Years Resolutions

I know a lot of people dislike New Year's resolutions, because it seems as if they are rarely ever kept.  I, however, think that New Years resolutions are a great way to start something new, or to renew one's resolve to stay on the path they have been following.  

For me, the difference between a resolution that falls by the wayside, and one that is actually accomplished, is a plan of action.  It is great to say that you want to do "x," but saying it does nothing to accomplish the goal.  You have to know how you are going to get there as well.
All of that being said, here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2009 (broken up by category);
1)  Reduce my total project involvement, and spend more time on knitting.  How?  By saying "no," to myself.
2)  Become a reasonably adept spinner, by spinning the fiber currently in my possession, and keeping copious notes during the process.
3)  Finish all currently unfinished knitting projects, by not allowing myself to start a new knitting project for myself before the unfinished projects are done.  I will work on those with the least left to do first.
4)  Craft small gifts throughout the year, to avoid the Christmastime crafting mayhem.
Green Living:
1)  Learn more about homemade herbal medicines/remedies.  How?  I have been searching for good sources on this subject online for a while without much luck.  I will begin to search the local libraries and book stores for a good reference.
2)  Increase my household's sustainability by expanding the garden, and harvesting rain water for garden use.
3)  Produce less waste as a family, by reusing a much as possible, making more from scratch, and making sure that all recyclable products are recycled.
Personal Life:
1)  Better my health by walking to stores within 2 miles of my house at least 2/3 of the time.
2)  Find a routine that will keep the house clean, and allow me more time for my own pursuits.  This will probably involve a lot of outdoor playtime.
Does my list seem reasonable?  What about yours?  Do you have a plan of attack?