Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Every one!  As of today my family is officially back to business as usual.  We shipped Mr. Incredible back to work this morning with no prospect of vacation in the near future.  While it is good to get back to our normal routine, I think we all enjoyed Mr. Incredible being around during the day.  He brings a playfullness to the atmosphere at home I sometimes forget to encourage.  I get too wrapped up with getting things done, and he encourages me to let things go and just have fun. 

At the moment my sink is overflowing with unwashed dishes, my bed is slowing sinking under the weight of unfolded laundry, the house looks as if it has been ransacked, and there is almost no food in the cupboards.  Last weeks idea of a through spring cleaning seems somewhat daunting at the moment, but the house is slowly transforming back into it's nearly clean state.  On the upside, with the exception of washing clothing, I throughly let go during the last week!
Perhaps I should resolve to figure out how to both get things done, and let go and have fun this year.