Wrap Pants

Three pairs of pants, zero dollars.

I found this wonderful tutorial on making these super simple wrap pants. So far I have made two pairs, and assisted my sister in making a third. The adult sized pants used about 2 yards of fabric each. I used the left over fabric from my own pants to make my daughter's pants. I origionally made my pants MUCH too large, so much too large that I used the fabric I trimmed off my pants to make my daughter's. I wonder what that says about my self perception, or maybe my diet? I think next time I will have someone else measure me.

The pants were all made from some linen fabric that has been sitting in my stash for at least two years, so I didn't go out and buy any of the materials to make them - hence, zero dollars. However, these pants could easily be made for less than $10.

Here are a few pics of the finished products.The front of my pants. These do expose some thigh when I sit down. The back of my pants. The ties are hidden by my shirt.My sister's sparkley linen pants.The pants unwrapped. They are huge. They remind me of the after picture for a diet plan.My daughter's pants. I used elastic in her waste band rather than relying on ties alone to hold up her pants. She has one tie that is purely decorative. I think she likes them!