I'm back!

Actually I have been back since last Monday, but I have been marathon knitting and haven't had time to blog. The kids and I visited my parents during the July 4th weekend while DH was in NY for a wedding. Since DH flew out of the city my parents live in, it only made sense to combine the trips.

The kids loved their time with my parents. They did a LOT of swimming in their pool, saving worms from hot asphalt (we have very little asphalt here), and even got to see dinosaur bones, and the effects of static electricity on hair at the local museum of science and history. They especially liked the area set aside for kids 5 and under, which had little to do with science or history, but had lots of stuff to climb on and water to splash.DD climbing a fake tree.DS playing in the water.

Since then I have been knitting like crazy trying to get my sister's birthday present finished before her next birthday. I knit so much in one week that the yarn from her bag actually dyed a line in my index finger where I wrap my yarn for tension.
However, my fingers and wrists held out, and I was able to finish her bag this weekend, which was lucky, since she was able to visit this weekend. She received her finished bag only one week after her birthday, and it looked great!

Pre FeltingPost Felting

My sister also brought us some yummy lush products, including face masks that you can't mail order. My DD loved them.
Last but no least, DS had his very first haircut this weekend, and he no longer looks like my baby. Now he looks like a little boy. Pictures to follow.