Today should have been my second day at Convergence, the Tampa yarn fest; however, I am at home. I started feeling bad the night before I was to leave, and thought it was probably just stress after all of the medical issues we have been having lately. Since we still don't know what is wrong with DH I was a little worried about leaving him, and not being able to get back to him if something happened. After hours of vomiting the day before my wedding, I know that I react poorly to stress. My DS also vomited twice this week without any apparent cause, so I knew that real, contagious illness could also be the cause.

While I think stress may still be the cause of my own nausea, the kids obviously have some kind of GI illness. At this point I think I did the right thing by staying home, rather than potentially infecting lots of people, but I would still really liked to have gone to Convergence.

All I have to say about this situation is that only hospitalization or institutionalization will keep me away from SAFF this year. If I have to I will wear a bubble, just slip the yarn through the food slot.