An Ode to the Humble Flat Sheet

A spare flat sheet is one of the most versatile implements in the home decorating arsenal. Why you ask?

  1. It is one of the cheapest fabric values you can find. For example, a 100% cotton, 250 thread count, Queen size flat sheet from Target is $14.99. How much fabric is that? A Queen size flat sheet is 90 inches x 102 inches. That is twice the width of a wide piece of cloth available from a fabric store, and almost three yards of length. That is about $2.50 per yard, and better values can be found at discount stores.
  2. A flat sheet that same size as your bed (a queen size sheet for a queen size bed) can serve as a bed skirt on beds of standard height.
  3. Flat full size sheets are about the same width as most beds are long making them great candidates for bed curtains - and can be a perfect match for your bed sheets.
  4. Sheets are also so long that they can serve as floor to ceiling curtains on all but very tall windows.
  5. Sheets are the perfect no sew option for the always popular toga party.

Below is a picture of my sheet, turned one time bed skirt, and now bed curtain.