I hope you all had a great holiday season.  We had a wonderful time, but I am thrilled it is over now.  I feel like I have enough time to take a deep breath again!

I am so excited to begin a new year, and a new decade, it feels like a new beginning.  I have decided to set a few goals to work toward during this new year - some people might think of these as resolutions.  I would like to share my goals with you.


Goal Create a Home Management Notebook
Define Goal Create a tool that helps me keep a well organized, efficient, and peaceful home, by keeping important information, checklists, and tools for my job at home all in one place.
How to Accomplish Gather the information I use or need as a home manager and keep it in the same notebook.  Create a routine for myself, and keep a written copy of it in the notebook.  I will also create templates to organize future information, and use the notebooks of others as inspiration.


Goal Be a Healthier Person
Define Goal Gain and maintain a healthy weight as defined by the BMI, and be able to ride the St. Marks trail (50 miles) in under 3 hours, and run a 5k.
How to Accomplish Exercise at least 5 days a week.  Ideally that would alternate emphasis on aerobic activity, and strength training.  On days in which I do not feel able to exercise, I should at least engage in relaxation activities.  I will schedule times during my day for the sole purpose of exercising.  At the time of this writing that will be after my morning responsibilities, and again after the kids go to bed.  I will also make more meals for myself and my family with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy amounts of dairy.


Goal Finish all of my current UFOs
Define Goal Complete or rip back all craft projects currently left unfinished.
How to Accomplish Find all of my current unfinished objects.  List them in order of finishing priority.  Those with due dates need to be finished first, and then those that are closest to being finished come second.  Objects that I no longer want to finish can be ripped back into their raw materials.  Once these projects are completed, I plan to have no more than 3 projects unfinished at one time.


Goal An Awesome Blog
Define Goal A frequently updated, informative, easy to search, and beautiful blog.
How to Accomplish First, begin posting at least 2 times per week, working toward posting everyday.  Second, make blog more searchable by better defineing post categories, and subcategories.  Third, focus on posting information that would be interesting and informative for my readers, and fourth, work on creating a unifying visual theme.

Are you setting any goals or resolutions for the new year?  I would love to hear about them.  If you are not setting any goals or resolutions for the new year, why have you decided against it?